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RadiMation® EMC software

RadiMation® has been developed in close co-operation with recognized EMC test laboratories and has been optimized for use in EMC test facilities. The package is open to all brands of test equipment, supports all standards - like Civil, Automotive, Military, Telecom, Medical and Aerospace - and test results can be easily exported. RadiMation® makes fully automated EMC testing a reality without getting complex.

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[Kuva: RadiField]

RadiField® Triple A

The Revolutionary EMC Immunity Test Solution

Frequency range 0.8-6GHz level generation up to 10V/m for distance 3m.

Full compliant with the international EMC immunity standards.

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[Kuva: RadiField]

Radiated Immunity Test System

• 7 slot modular EMC test system RadiCentre®

• 800 MHz to 6 GHz E-field generator RadiField®

• Antenna tower with automated H/V positioner RadiTower®

• 9 kHz to 6 GHz signal generator RadiGen®

• 10 MHz to 10 GHz laser powered field probe RadiSense

• Dual coax switch SPDT – SMA RadiSwitch®

• Full Package EMC test software RadiMation®

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[Kuva: RadiSense]

RadiSense® LASER powered field strength probes

High Speed - With an unprecedented measurement speed of 60 samples per second for all separate axis and the isotropic value, the RadiSense® is the fastest commercially available LASER powered probe.

Robust - The RadiSense® probe comes in a strong rigid housing; hence it is very robust compared to other probes.

Small - The introduction of the RadiSense® field strength probe puts an end to all size related measurement problems. With a measurement volumes ranging from 74 cm3 to as small as 1 cm3 this range of probes ensures accurate measurements, especially in small (G)TEM cells. RadiSense® field strength probes are the smallest probes in the world.

Software support - The RadiSense® field strength probes are supported by the RadiMation® automated EMC measurement software. For stand-alone use, the RadiMation® Free monitoring software is shipped along with the system. The probe can be controlled throughout most commercial available EMC software packages.

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[Kuva: RadiPower]

RadiPower® accurate EMC Power Meter

Fast - The unprecedented detector technology of Raditeq makes extremely fast though accurate power measurements finally a reality, even at low power levels.

Accurate - The RadiPower® allows high precision EMC measurements with a high dynamic range. With an accuracy of 0.25 dB it is suitable for measurements in accordance to Automotive, CE-marking and Military standards

Flexible - The RadiPower® plug-in card contains 4 USB slots to connect a maximum of four RadiPower® power heads. RadiPower® plug-in cards are designed to fit in the RadiCentre® 19-inch rack-mountable modular system. Alternatively the RadiPower® power head can be connected directly to a PC using a standard USB port.

Software support - In case the RadiPower® is used in a RadiCentre®, it is software controllable with RS-232 and IEEE-488. Besides the RadiMation® integral EMC measurement software the system can be controlled by all EMC measurement packages as all software codes to control the unit are available. For stand-alone use the RadiMation Free® measurement software is delivered with the system.

Pulse Power measurements - When measuring RF/burst signals is required the RadiPower® can be delivered as a dedicated RF pulse power head. These versions sample RF bursts with a fast sampling rate up to 10 MSps, storing the peak value or the complete waveform into internal buffer.

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RadiCoupler® CDN series

• Full compliant to CISPR16, IEC61000-4-6, EN55015 ja EN55035 standards

• Complete range for different EUT connectors/cables (AF, M, S and T)

• Each model covering frequency range 100 kHz up to 300 MHz

• Standard robust N-type RF input connection

• Easy Magnetic-Grounding connection (patent pending)

• Shorting- and calibration adapters available

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The RadiGen®

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The RadiSwitch® RF coaxial relay plug-in cards

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The RadiLink®

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EMC/RF Instrument Calibrations

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