Services and partners



MitTest calibration and maintenance services

We calibrate and maintenance for example:

  • Signal generators
  • Spectrum analysers
  • Power sources
  • Current and voltage probes
  • Attenuators
  • Oscilloscopes ja probes
  • Multimeters
  • Installation testers
  • PAT testers
  • Insulation testers
  • NI PCI,PXI,PXIe products


With partners we can calibrate and maintenance also:


  • ESD Generators (contact and air discharge)
  • EFT/Burst Generators
  • Surge Generators
  • Voltage Dips/Interrupt Generators
  • EMI Measurement Receivers including CISPR 16 detectors
  • LISNís and Coupling-/Decoupling networks
  • Antennas (CISPR 16-1-6, ANSI C63.5 or SAE-ARP958)
  • Field Uniformity (16 points, IEC61000-4-3)
  • Normalized Site Attenuation (OATS, anechoic chambers)
  • RF Amplifiers
  • RF Signal Generators
  • RF Power Meters up
  • Current probes (injection and sensing)
  • Spectrum Analysers
  • Clamps
  • E-Field probes
  • Shielding Effectiveness (MRI, Faraday Cages)
  • Site VSWR (anechoic chambers)





MitTest partners

Raditeq high quality EMC measurement instruments and test software

DARE!! Calibrations accredited calibration services (K063)